Friday, June 15, 2012

Old People Glasses

LO and I went to see the Pediatric Opthamologist/Strabismus magician yesterday at UCLA.  UCLA is an interesting hospital as it is a teaching hospital so one doctor descends on you with about four residents.  The doctor talks pretty much non-stop to the residents while your two year old crawls into your shirt.  Then you explain everything that has happened since last time you saw them and you secretly wish that she could just read the blog as you are old and can't remember shite.  Our doctor is really great but she has gone from being the new doctor in the practice (lots of time with you) to being a BIG deal (not paying attention) and it is a titch annoying but YEAH for her.   LO's eyesight has improved enough to be in range for her age and avoided glasses.  Yippeee but she will still have to be re-evaluated in two years.  Mental note to self to remember! Here she is with her awesome glasses. 
I have gotten a lot of comments lately on her "haircut." People either think I am going for a "hipster" haircut or a pixie.  I like to call this "au naturel."

I am wearing this today.  I plan to hand out lollipops and cotton candy later with this jacket.
Banana Republic jacket, Anthro top, Old Navy sailor pants, Microsoft keyboard
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