Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I am actually embarrassed to write this post..

I came home from work yesterday to find the house empty.  Is there anything better than having five minutes to take off your work clothes and change into something comfy before the evening craze starts?? I went downstairs when LO came home and she ran to tell me that the nanny wouldn't go in the sand at the park as she was wearing sandals.  Okkkkkk.  It gives me a tiny bit of comfort that LO now talks and will tell me if something isn't right in her world.  I know the nanny realllllllyyyyy appreciates it.  Heh. So DH calls and I put him on speaker to talk to LO and she starts yapping to him that she wants a pink bike.  What?? He tells her that she has a blue bike and a red bike and that a pink bike is probably not an option.  She insists that she needs a pink bike and the nanny interjects that she means a scooter as she saw one at the park.  DH doesn't promise anything and hangs up quickly.  So I tell her that we can't always get what we want--INSERT starving children and other generic parent fall backs. 

I also mention that she would have to wear a helmet if she got a scooter.  I tell her that maybe she could get one for Hanukkah and we would think about it.  She sits up suddenly and starts screaming that she needs to CALL POPPY.  So we call my dad, who she called last week for a BLUE DIAMOND RING AND HE ACTUALLY PROMISED TO GET HER A RING.  How she would be associate him with rings is CRAZY!  He is the source for the jewelry but how would she know that??!

Before he can say hello, she starts telling him that she needs a PINK SCOOTER.  So I tell her that she needs to choose if she wants the "blue diamond ring" or a pink scooter when he comes to visit and he BEGS to bring her both gifts.  Then he asks her to sing the ABC song cuz nothing in life is free and she says, "ABCD, I need a pink scooter!" She was so adamant that she needed a pink scooter that it was hilarious but also VERY scary.

First, she knew to ask her dad for the pink scooter as she didn't think I would hand over the goods?   Then when that failed, she wanted to CALL Poppy.  Who is this tiny manipulating machine?  I assumed that limiting exposure to television would help with the consumption of toys and the NEEDS.  How do you tell a two year old that you don't always get what you want? Also, that you need food but WANT a pink scooter.  AND this is all from someone who POOPS in her pants.  What do you do?  Have I already failed in some way?