Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Back Room

LO had her first dentist appointment today.  LO has been asking to go to the dentist since she received the Tooth Book for her birthday.   It is one of LO's fav books and it says that "dentists are your teeth's best friend."  I am friends with a super duper fancy teeth expert.  Ok, I can't remember her specialty but it is IMPORTANT,  she went to Harvard and is approximately TEN years more educated than me.  She knows all of the pediatric dentists and made two recommendations.  I felt pretty confident that we were set up for success.  She LOVES doctors how could we go wrong?? 

Super secret, mom hint--if they bypass the chairs out in the open space with the fish tanks and take you to a private room, they think your child is going to scream.   I would have bet you money that she would be fine but I knew as soon as she started staring the dental assistant down there was going to be trouble.  The dental assistant sensed it and led us straight to the back.  No amount of talking, holding items, looking at Mommy's teeth or TV was going to get her to open her mouth.  I contemplated skipping the exam BUT I was interested to see if the paci or the acid reflux had done any damage.  Wow, it was like the first time she had to have her blood drawn.  She was so pissed and they closed that door so fast.  I would imagine that a screaming child is like an epidemic at the dentist's office.   Her teeth looked great and the visit was informative.  They gave LO a set of "dentist tools" so she could practice at home and a white toy Jeep.  I feel bad for the nanny as she told her, "It's going to be ok," when we got home and started taking out the gloves and mirror.  Oh my.