Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Have IT All But Forsake Haircuts

Have you read the Anne-Marie Slaughter article?  I thought it was a really great article and rang true for me especially right now.  It is an overdone subject but she has a lot of valid points on the ability to control your schedule and types of jobs that are better for working moms.  The article gave me a sense of validation that it may be IMPOSSIBLE to be extremely effective in your career and be a mom.  That is why when I stumbled across Dana Shell Smith's rebuttal, I wanted to punch her in the face.  Ms. Smith feels mystified and was urged by leagues of thousands to respond that YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL but it takes hard work and ingenuity.  OH THAT IS WHAT I AM MISSING?!! Forehead slap to me.   Ms. Smith defines having it all as work and family, no time for haircuts.  Full Stop.  I am actually surprised that she found time to read the article given her clear cut priorities, hard work and ingenuity.

Ms. Smith feels that her family is proud of her and understands the sacrifice of mommy not being able to take the kids to the doctor.  We should all be proud of her as she does have an important career BUT that kid still has to go to the doctor.  We can all work hard and be creative and schedule the shite out of our lives BUT the kid STILL has to go to the doctor.   One of the parents STILL has to have flexibility in their careers and that usually means taking a less aggressive career path because the KID HAS TO GO TO THE DAMN DOCTOR.  Until children learn how to prioritize their sickness and bake sale needs around the work schedule, somebody has to have flexibility OR be the boss.   Over and over again, I see plenty of flexibility for the boss appointments, soccer games and vacation but the same is not offered to his assistant or even mid and senior level employees.    Hurray for all the people that work for Ms. Smith but that is not what the majority of the work force is experiencing.

A few weeks ago at my toddler group which is a precursor to pre-school in these parts, we had a discussion regarding our careers.  Two of the moms felt they have no other choice than to LEAVE their careers as corporate lawyers as there was no way to work and have children in jobs that demanded 24/7 attention.  I wont go into more details on the other moms but every single one had careers that required many years of education and a lot of work AND all of them admitted they had lied on more than one occasion to take their kids to the doctor AND felt blatant prejudice towards them for leaving or working  business hours to see their children.  Can we all just admit that kids and careers together or separate are hard especially for women? Then we can all have martinis and get haircuts and not feel guilty.  What did you think or either article or are you sick of the subject as well?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Back Room

LO had her first dentist appointment today.  LO has been asking to go to the dentist since she received the Tooth Book for her birthday.   It is one of LO's fav books and it says that "dentists are your teeth's best friend."  I am friends with a super duper fancy teeth expert.  Ok, I can't remember her specialty but it is IMPORTANT,  she went to Harvard and is approximately TEN years more educated than me.  She knows all of the pediatric dentists and made two recommendations.  I felt pretty confident that we were set up for success.  She LOVES doctors how could we go wrong?? 

Super secret, mom hint--if they bypass the chairs out in the open space with the fish tanks and take you to a private room, they think your child is going to scream.   I would have bet you money that she would be fine but I knew as soon as she started staring the dental assistant down there was going to be trouble.  The dental assistant sensed it and led us straight to the back.  No amount of talking, holding items, looking at Mommy's teeth or TV was going to get her to open her mouth.  I contemplated skipping the exam BUT I was interested to see if the paci or the acid reflux had done any damage.  Wow, it was like the first time she had to have her blood drawn.  She was so pissed and they closed that door so fast.  I would imagine that a screaming child is like an epidemic at the dentist's office.   Her teeth looked great and the visit was informative.  They gave LO a set of "dentist tools" so she could practice at home and a white toy Jeep.  I feel bad for the nanny as she told her, "It's going to be ok," when we got home and started taking out the gloves and mirror.  Oh my.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day from the Breakie Club

LO woke up on Friday and insisted that it was her birthday and that we would have cake later on.  Hmmmmm nice try lady.  She also declared that she would only be wearing dresses from this point on.  She has been following through on the dress promise much to my dismay.  This is her Ally Sheedy a la end of The Breakfast Club impression.

 This is her Judd Nelson impression a la John Bender, "Drink up Johnnie."
Three of these pics would have really completed the post but ya know.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Old People Glasses

LO and I went to see the Pediatric Opthamologist/Strabismus magician yesterday at UCLA.  UCLA is an interesting hospital as it is a teaching hospital so one doctor descends on you with about four residents.  The doctor talks pretty much non-stop to the residents while your two year old crawls into your shirt.  Then you explain everything that has happened since last time you saw them and you secretly wish that she could just read the blog as you are old and can't remember shite.  Our doctor is really great but she has gone from being the new doctor in the practice (lots of time with you) to being a BIG deal (not paying attention) and it is a titch annoying but YEAH for her.   LO's eyesight has improved enough to be in range for her age and avoided glasses.  Yippeee but she will still have to be re-evaluated in two years.  Mental note to self to remember! Here she is with her awesome glasses. 
I have gotten a lot of comments lately on her "haircut." People either think I am going for a "hipster" haircut or a pixie.  I like to call this "au naturel."

I am wearing this today.  I plan to hand out lollipops and cotton candy later with this jacket.
Banana Republic jacket, Anthro top, Old Navy sailor pants, Microsoft keyboard
 *****HELP ME******* How do I NOT moderate my comments?? I did an update to my blog and now it moderates EVERY comment even though moderation is not selected.  Arrgghhhh. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What's Happening

This blog has really been craptastic lately with a lot on the short stories and randomness.  Instead of promising to improve the blog, I am going to be honest with you.  This shite will probably continue for a bit. 

I really like when Princess Nebraska posts what she wore and her sassy non smiles. I even bought shorts.  Here, I am trying to take a pic of my outfit.

Trina Turk sweater, J Crew shirt and Aeron chair
Last night, we had someone come to look at the house.  sigh.  I LOVE DH.  He is EXTREMELY supportive and he calms my crazy ass down BUT sometimes sigh. So I told him that the peeps would be there at 6:15 to look at the house.  That gives me enough time to clean it and keep LO occupied possibly outside while they looked.  He decides to cancel his dinner and be home.  So I give him a pep talk that he SHOULD NOT POINT OUT THE FAULTS on the house.  Just because he doesn't like living there, MAYBE SOMEONE ELSE WILL.  I had hoped to show them around the house and then go outside with DH and LO so they could be ALONE.  SON OF A BISCUIT if DH and LO didn't follow and keep up a running commentary on the paint chips, carpet stains and molding scuffs.  EVEN bending down at one point to SHOW THE GUY the marks. 

AND AND I had spent HOURS cleaning before and after work and shoving crap in closets and DH walked inside and pointed out that there was some cat food around the bowl.  THEN I made dinner which consisted of soup and grilled cheese sandwiches AND DH complained that he didn't have enough sandwich BEFORE he ate any sandwich.

He made it up to me this am when he told me that he couldn't make it home on time ALL WEEK.  AND that he was unable to make the ONE DAY a week when he puts LO to bed.    "FRIENDS, I AM GOING TO SHOOT YOU ALL!" 
Happy thoughts, happy thoughts.  Ok, I actually found a white t-shirt that I really like from Old Navy.  ON usually pisses me off but this shirt is great.

I have the most amazing view from my office.  I really think this is the nicest office that I will ever have.  It beats the hell out of the parking lot/pet cemetery at my old job.  I can never take a picture that does it justice and I always try on the most overcast days.  I can see to Catalina Island on a clear day.

LO is 2.  I didn't really notice her being 2 until recently as her attitude has become so pronounced.  She suddenly "NEEDS" whichever parent is NOT asking her to do something.  Last night, when we both asked her to get in the bath, she NEEDED her kitties.  She has been telling the cats lately that they are without hands and can't drive a car. 
We bought tickets for Book of Mormon for when it comes to Los Angeles and I am SUPER excited!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I am actually embarrassed to write this post..

I came home from work yesterday to find the house empty.  Is there anything better than having five minutes to take off your work clothes and change into something comfy before the evening craze starts?? I went downstairs when LO came home and she ran to tell me that the nanny wouldn't go in the sand at the park as she was wearing sandals.  Okkkkkk.  It gives me a tiny bit of comfort that LO now talks and will tell me if something isn't right in her world.  I know the nanny realllllllyyyyy appreciates it.  Heh. So DH calls and I put him on speaker to talk to LO and she starts yapping to him that she wants a pink bike.  What?? He tells her that she has a blue bike and a red bike and that a pink bike is probably not an option.  She insists that she needs a pink bike and the nanny interjects that she means a scooter as she saw one at the park.  DH doesn't promise anything and hangs up quickly.  So I tell her that we can't always get what we want--INSERT starving children and other generic parent fall backs. 

I also mention that she would have to wear a helmet if she got a scooter.  I tell her that maybe she could get one for Hanukkah and we would think about it.  She sits up suddenly and starts screaming that she needs to CALL POPPY.  So we call my dad, who she called last week for a BLUE DIAMOND RING AND HE ACTUALLY PROMISED TO GET HER A RING.  How she would be associate him with rings is CRAZY!  He is the source for the jewelry but how would she know that??!

Before he can say hello, she starts telling him that she needs a PINK SCOOTER.  So I tell her that she needs to choose if she wants the "blue diamond ring" or a pink scooter when he comes to visit and he BEGS to bring her both gifts.  Then he asks her to sing the ABC song cuz nothing in life is free and she says, "ABCD, I need a pink scooter!" She was so adamant that she needed a pink scooter that it was hilarious but also VERY scary.

First, she knew to ask her dad for the pink scooter as she didn't think I would hand over the goods?   Then when that failed, she wanted to CALL Poppy.  Who is this tiny manipulating machine?  I assumed that limiting exposure to television would help with the consumption of toys and the NEEDS.  How do you tell a two year old that you don't always get what you want? Also, that you need food but WANT a pink scooter.  AND this is all from someone who POOPS in her pants.  What do you do?  Have I already failed in some way?

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Haps

I am a titch high strung and a titch OMG--the world is ending! We are exploring different places to move and I am soooooooo freaked out! What is wrong with me?! I keep having panic attacks that these places are going to be TERRIBLE.  Everything is going to be FINE and the options are all great ones but I am skared.  I can't believe that I have been in LA for 10 freaking years.  I don't want to leave our little area but we need want a house and DH is a titch particular.  I like living close to family and I have even gotten used to the homeless people but change is good for the soul.  AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! I also worry that I wont make FRIENDS and then I will be ALONE and a sad puppy.  We need better school options for LO, I GET IT! I am terribly conflicted on the entire subject and so unsettled.  Can you tell?


I need to take LO to the doctor for her skin issues which I KNOW are correlated to the recent addition of dairy to her diet.  I made homemade pizza on Saturday night and her ummm gas was ridiculous.  She kept saying, "WHAT was that?"  John asked her if someone stepped on a duck.  She told him there were no ducks in the house. When do kids understand jokes??


We went to see Elmo Makes Music this weekend which was funnnnnish.  They served beer which was great as seeing Elmo pretty much raised the crazy on all the kids to a level 9.5, right up there with bouncy houses and birthday cake.   At one point during intermission all five of LO's friends were on the floor doing gymnastics from pure, unadulterated Elmo enthusiasm. 

We are on countdown to vacation and I am really excited! I even bought a pair of shorts.  Sure, the average age of other owners of the same shorts are 60+ and I saw two guys this weekend wearing them but they are SHORTS.  I own shorts. 

I am having trouble with the comment section of my blog making me "screen" comments with the new blogger format--HELP.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I like to do a post every once in a great moon about what I am currently contemplating and hope that you can assist me:

We are going to New York and Cape Cod in a few weeks and I am trying to figure out where LO will sleep.  We have the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib, is it weird to put a 26lb, 34" toddler in a travel crib?  Girlfriend is still all over the place and I am not transitioning her out of the crib for another twenty years so what do I do for sleep as we are renting a house?

I still have LO's soft mobile above the bed which she can easily yank on and scream wildly which happened last night.  Do I need to take it down if it is all soft?

I made jam and I am trying to find the perfect sugar combination.  How many cups of sugar do you add to your recipe?  Do you add pectin?

LO has been taking off her diaper if it is full before she goes to sleep when she is in her bed.  She takes off her pj bottoms and puts everything outside her crib.  She doesn't pee in her bed, just goes commando.  I go in before I go to bed and put another one on her but this am, she had taken her diaper off again when she woke up.  Still no accidents but what does one do about this situation?

LO has two pink dry, scaly patches of skin, one on her leg and one on her chest? Is this eczema? What do you put on them?

Have you read the book, We Need to Talk about Kevin? Do you know anyone who feels that their child is the devil or do you feel that way? I won't judge you.  I watched the movie as the book disturbed me so and damn that is just crazy times.

There is some unbloggable schtuff going down right now and it is leaving me on edge but DH comes home tonight and hopefully he can sit still long enough for a convo.  He has been traveling a lot leaving me a bit lonely. 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Picture Post

Tea is really big up in here.  This picture also inspired some massive purging of toys and junk.
 All plastic toys have been moved outside now that it is Summer.
 We sometimes eat on the floor, it's embarrassing.
 Helping Mommy put together some funky toy storage.
 Trying on our new ballet outfit.
 Helping Daddy after Mommy had a little trouble.
 We turned the hockey game on and LO was confused and thought it was a big touchscreen.  This is her attempting to swipe the game.
 Using the new toy storage.