Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Whiny Wean

LO is off the drugs.  I haven't really posted about the X-rays and the other stuff.  It happened and I was traumatized.  We have eliminated all dairy from her diet which has helped tremendously.  Unfortunately, there is still something going on as I hear it in her throat and gulping which sucks.  I am not ready to go back to the meds or go further with testing.  She is easier to get frustrated and cry these days but I don't know if it is pain or her age.  I am giving it another week until I tell the doctor that we are off to see if everything improves.  I am hoping to find a fantastic pediatric allergist that can maybe assist with eliminating something else from her diet. 

In other news, my new name is "Honey." As in, "Honey, more blueberries PLEASE!" Or,"Honey, your crayon is broken.  Use this crayon, Honey." "Honey, more fresh raspberries, Honey." "More tea, Honey?"  DH and I NEVER say Honey.  Honey reminds me of some Mad Menesque work environment where I am being asked to get coffee for the men.  I had heard her say it once or twice but "Honey" was in full force this morning.  I say that I love every age but I am loving this age. 

Last night, I let her paint herself, the cat and me with blue clown paint.  On out trip, we got matching hearts on our hands.  This small activity was the COOLEST thing for LO.  She has talked about the hearts since we got back.  I have been trying to find a place to get hearts painted again but then I can't motivate to get my rear in gear.  So I came up with a genius idea to buy the paint and do it myself.  So I painted the requested blue heart on my hand and showed LO.  I expected leaps of excitement as blue hearts on our hands is the center of 90% of our conversations over the last month BUT she really wanted to "Do it myself." Maybe it had been a long day or maybe my inner hippie came out but I decided to let her go to town.  ALSO, in my defense, the cat just SAT there.  Wow, that stuff really goes far.  As I had not done any testing, I was a bit worried about the permanent effect but it all came off nicely.  I let the cat take care of herself at her leisure. 

Yeah, it's a random post.