Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Slept On It

Ahhhh sleep and a healthy does of Zyrtec.  I ran out of Zyrtec due to Grandpa Irv being in the hospital and such as I buy Zyrtec when we go to Costco with him.  I really find no reason to go to Costco without Grandpa Irv as he gets so much joy from pushing LO and buying absolutely crazy toys for her.  I finally picked up some and I am a whole new person.   I also decided to start eating regular meals again as I have been lazy about eating and it makes me crabby and snarly. 

LO and I met Molly and Sally at the park last night for a quick run around the park before bedtime and I was bemoaning the size of the house and the location  and the bathrooms.   Sally told me not to buy the house if it didn't meet my checklist.   CHECKLIST?! You are allowed to have one in So CA?! In our price range?? So do I have a checklist?? What would it be??

My checklist
A kitchen with an island where I could prepare food with LO and TWO ovens if we are making a dream checklist
Large closets with organizers
Awesome backyard for parties and an easel for LO with landscaping and tables and different areas for bike riding and water tables and sidewalk chalk AND, AND a place where we could lay out a blanket on grass and look at the moon and talk about the stars. AND, AND, AND a place for a bouncy house during a party.  AND, AND, AND so I could have all my mommy friends over so we could drink and talk and they could play in an enclosed area. 
Big bathrooms with heated stone floors
Streets with sidewalks and nice people and other kids
GREAT public school
A playroom
Filing cabinets
A comfy chair to read a book
A table to eat together
A place for the cats to sit in the sun and possibly go outside
Cat box away from living areas
Office for John away from the house where he can listen to the Grateful Dead and arrange things
Laundry room
Central heat and air
NO freeways or crossing a freeway to get to the office OR LIVING where you can hear a freeway or airport

I made my checklist and I realized that we are falling short in a few areas such as bathrooms and large closets BUT this house has possibilities.  It has room to expand and grow.  Isn't that what we all want anyway, is the possibility for greatness?? Ok, I am slowly falling in love but hoping to avoid the soul crushing loss of another house.  Please see my rear end for the fall out of house disappointment. 

I will post pictures of my "proximity" to famous people if we get the house.