Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Penny for Your Thoughts

I have been a big time blog cheater lately with short stories and an array of pics.  I haven't been that fired up about much these days.  So a few things:

There is a new house that is small but has a backyard and an office where DH could go do whatever he does.  It has two bedrooms so if there were any more children, they would have to live in the garage.  Did I mention that the house is small and it is giving me anxiety.  DH is out of the country and can't see the house.  I took pics.  It is very outdoor/indoor living.  It has less bathrooms than we have now.  There is no place for the cat box.  Ahhhhhhhh.  Plus side, it is not at the end of the airport runway.   LO could be in the backyard ALL the time.  We could definitely have parties.  You can park on the street and WALK on the street.  LO could go to the PUBLIC elementary school. 
I have finally talked to the GI doctor and we seem to be on the same page with a PLAN.  I even booked an eye appointment for LO to get her OFFICIAL strabismus release from all of the torticollis/eye nonsense.  Yeah, two years old and finally recovering from GESTATION and BIRTH. 
LO is killing me lately with all of her talking.  She is really hilarious and points out the best stuff.  We were visiting Grandpa Irv the weekend before last and she kept pointing to older people and saying, "Not Adele."  Adele is Grandpa's lady friend.  Men and women who had short haircuts. 

The nanny told me that she points out everyone at Coffee Bean that is "Not Kelly."  I guess that is her favorite barista. 
I bought LO some watercolors and she has been painting both of us when I get home from work.  She puts the paintbrush in the color and then water and then paints.  She would rather paint from the water.  She also casually walks over to the cat and starts painting the Mama cat very nonchalantly.  I am just happy that we switched from clown paint to water colors.  The cat stays every time which is crazy.
I watched "We Bought a Zoo," alone and cried while clutching the Mama cat. 
LO attends a music class on Mondays with the nanny.  Another nanny at the class has requested that LO have a play date with her little person.  I guess the mom had instructed the nanny to find children for a play date.  Weird? Our nanny met the mom but it is making me uncomfortable.  They want LO to come to their house which is one street over from our place.  I told them that I would have to think about it.  I am going to suggest a play date at the park.  The mom said I could call her but what the heck do you say?  Are you a criminal? What if I called and decided against it? How do you feel about it?  She is TWO with a bike and a LOT of toys AND a nanny to entertain her. 
I went to my annual eye exam yesterday with my very theatrical optometrist who had just returned from a conference on corneal tears.  I had skipped lunch and I almost passed out.  Supposedly, I am at risk and he wanted to INFORM me of what to watch out for.  THEN, he took a picture of my eyeballs from "some new technology that he invested in" to check for tumors.  I have a mass deep in my eyeball that we need to watch.  I should call him immediately if I LOSE my vision.  Yeah, I think that I could figure that one out.   Also, thoughts? Second opinion? Don't worry about it.
There are people protesting for Palestine outside and I want to drop a water balloon on them.