Friday, May 18, 2012

My Girl

This morning LO and I headed over to Cedars to meet a new allergist as recommended by our GI doctor in the PLAN.  LO and I reached Cedars and she asked if we were going to the doctor to look at her tummy.  She sucks in her tummy and lifts up her shirt if she thinks someone is talking about her tummy.  As we were waiting, she kept narrating everything that this poor guy waiting did.  "That guy has a blue shirt," "That guy has a phone," "That guy is blowing his nose."  Then she went and stood against the wall mimicking him so he sat down on the ground and then she sat down on the ground.  It was awesome. 

So after a loooonnnnnggggg morning of examining, talking and testing the doctor asked LO if she wanted a toy as she had been so brave.  She told him that she would take the big toy in the exam room.  He laughed and told her the toys were by the door but she was serious and started dragging this large bead thing.  He did ask her if she would like to pick out a toy.  LO was so great and only cried once when they gagged her which was sort of funny as the doctor jumps back immediately after in case of vomit.  All of these GI and food specialists are so scared of vomit.  Welcome to my world, buddy.  I will say that it has been a good amount of time since any large vomitggedons. 

We went and picked up some blue jelly beans on the way home as a treat.  On the way to the car, I told her that she could have one more and then I wanted the bag.  So she didn't eat another jelly bean and just hung onto the bag. 

Oh my, we scrubbed her hand and we couldn't get the blue off.  She keeps screaming and laughing, "MY HAND, MY Hand, hahahahaha.  It's boooo."

The testing went well and they believe that she has outgrown her milk allergy and that it is just an intolerance at this point.  We also discussed elecare for her to get nutrients when she isn't eating due to tummy stuff and almond milk which we will give a try.  She also tested fine for corn so we are going to reintroduce.  He was very positive about her development, language skills and weight.  He said that some people are not carnivores and that she will probably live longer due to her lack of interest in meat and being petite.  He was pretty funny as he told me, "She isn't a calf, she doesn't need milk." 

It is FRIDAY, it feels like SUMMER, and I get to spend the whole weekend with my brave girl with the exception of a Mom's Night Out.  Holla.