Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

This is the time of year where I tell you about my wonderful Mother's Day.  Insert Hallmark moment here with white sheets, blond children, breakfast in bed and a lot of homemade bizness.  I then post some pics of brunch.  All of that is wonderful, but it is a lot to expect.  It is a lot to expect a small person to know it is "your day."  I spend 95% of my time working, sleeping or taking care of LO.  On Sundays, DH gets up with LO and I am alone and not working.  I really just wanted some time alone where DH took care of LO.  I want LO to be with another parent or family member if she is awake and I am not working.  I would rather skip the activity if she has to be with a babysitter as she spends all week with the nanny.  So I booked a day at a spa for Saturday.  I found a Groupon for a massage, facial, mani and ped with champagne and hung out.   I even stopped for gelato on the way home.  It was fan-freaking-tastic.  My favorite elements--spa, champagne and a COUPON! I even ordered a sandwich for myself as all that relaxing made me hungry. 

So when Sunday rolled around, I expected a card from LO (which I told DH so there was no misunderstanding) and to sleep in a bit and not much else.  LO came in and told me "Happy Mother's Day," which was very sweet and there were cards.  LO opened up a mailbox from grandma so there was some playing in bed and then we went to breakfast. 

After crepes at the Farmer's Market, DH asked what I would like to do and I suggested picking out shoes for Mommy.   Hello, beautiful.

I saw a lot of moms looking tortured on Mother's Day holding carnations, who obvs didn't have the GREAT idea to spend part of the weekend AWAY from their young kids.  You know that is ALL that dads want to do on Father's Day.  I would have felt sad spending Mother's Day without LO so I have officially declared the Saturday before Mother's Day to be SPA DAY.   Spread the word.