Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Just ME Complaining

LO is still sick and it SUCKS.  I haven't slept through the night since Sunday and it is all very, "Can I get more pacis?" at 2 am and "Is Thomas the Train sleeping?" and "Molly hit her head on the see-saw." YEAH, that was THREE weeks ago and I don't want to talk about it in the MIDDLE of the night.  Also, sleeping in my bed is very, "I need water, I need to pee, I need to stuff toilet paper in my toilet, this is the wrong lovey." DH will be making a brief appearance this weekend and I hope that homeboy is ready to do some heavy lifting as I need some sleepy time. 

In anticipation of the King's return, I did some major purging of toys, clothes and junk AND the cleaning lady is getting her groove on today so there will be no complaining from his highness.  Nothing says we are happy you are back then a snarky remark about my incompetence in cat care or the mismanagement of toy organization.  His highness could benefit from a trash bag and a purge of shoes and clothes.  Just saying.

I watched Molly last night and it was very, only the strong will survive with toddler brooms being flung about and banged against the Cozy Coupe while "washing it."  Also brushing each other's hair with the scrub brush and random fits of anger at a nearby cat.  Also, Molly eats.  She just eats.  It was weird.  I went a little crazy and made her three different dinners as it was like a science experiment.  While making fish sticks, LO started crying.  CRYING to stop making food as it was that PAINFUL to WATCH. I was a little bit winded as feeding two kids was kind of hard.  One would spill her drink while the other one was requesting the SAME BLUE SPOON in loudish voices.  Then something would drop on the floor and there were TWO people telling you OOPS-A-DAISY.  One would want some love and then another would want love without the other one.  Maybe it was me being a bit tired and  LO being sick but I felt like I wasn't on top of my game.  Also, if we ever have two kids, they are eating naked outside in an area that can be easily hosed off, possibly a rubber type material.  I totally understand why that crazy Kate+8 used disposable plates. 

Are you wondering about the house that we bid on with a FULL price offer.  Yeah, its not looking good.  As I continue to purge our current house and give away random furniture like half of the living room, we are becoming less hospitable to guests.  My dad visited on Monday during the day and the nanny, LO and him all hung out on my BED watching Thomas the Train on the iPad.  Does it get any weirder or more RANDOM?? LO was allowed to watch due to her illness and we don't use the TV in the living room and SUDDENLY everyone is in my BED! We continue moving forward with moving--thank g-d, as we are cleaning out the storage unit this weekend.  When asked if DH would be parting with his dozen boxes of TAPES, he focused on my two boxes from my ENTIRE LIFE filled with useless things like YEARBOOKS and my wedding dress.   

My dad brought LO a princess backpack in a horrid hot pink color made of some vinyl material with a garish plaid bow attached.  I was THRILLED but he redeemed it by putting a nice book on ladybugs in it, a cool crayon, socks and stickers ALL with no princesses floating about.  I wasn't angry, I just used my best reward the good part of the gift voice and shrugged it off.  LO seemed puzzled by the gift and insisted that it sit in the corner and not be opened.  Sound familiar? DH will "file"bills/gifts without opening them.  Crazy.  Off to more important topics, like what to eat for lunch.