Tuesday, May 29, 2012


This weekend was AMAZING.  I mean, I cried out of frustration within 16 hours of DH's return home but STILL a great weekend.  DH and I took Friday off as the nanny had some doctor's appointments.  I was going to go to work but it didn't sound that fun as the week dragged on so I took the day off.  DH and I went to look at the house again after we received a counter offer to our FULL price offer on Friday and decided to withdraw our offer.  Sigh.  I LOVE the neighborhood as in I WILL LIVE THERE.  It wasn't the right house but I felt a bit under appreciated as I still had to do a ton of stuff to get us to a point of being IN negotiations on a house so I lashed out and then cried.  Then I went for a drive to see Grandpa Irv where we discussed my weight.  I don't discuss much beyond LO and her cuteness with Grandpa Irv as he can't hear BUT my weight is a pretty consistent topic that he brings up. 

Isn't your weight discussed with family members??? I hadn't really thought about it until this weekend BUT it has been a lifelong topic with MULTIPLE members of my family.  My dad focuses on my skin more but will definitely let me know if a few pounds are lingering on my rear end. 

We woke up Saturday morning with the house drama behind us and a FULL day of blueberry picking ahead of us. 
I convinced LO that all picking/farm activities necessitated overalls.   She believed me and set off to make her fortune in the blueberry trade.
I am thinking of sending a check to Underwood Farms as her container was empty but plenty of blueberries were picked.  Hmmmmmmmmmm.

What could have happened?  The picture is a bit dark but I think we may have discovered part of the problem.
Good thing, dad is hard at work picking more supplies.
I hope there is enough to hold me through the tractor ride.
And one more failed attempt at a fam pic.
We went out that evening for DH's big birthday to a place called, "ANIMAL." I had fish and too much champagne.   LO gave us the best birthday gift of all by sleeping until 10 am or we just didn't hear her and she gave up trying to get our sorry asses up.  We had dinner with my family and LO avoided FOOD as usual.  We went to another dinner on Monday night with friends and I even tried starving her prior to dinner and she didn't eat one thing on her plate until I gave in and fed her some sweet potatoes and white beans.  I am a picky eater but she takes it to a whole new level.

The weekend ended with a crazy game that involved throwing small silver balls all over hardwood floors with a SEVEN year old who is quite the apple of LO's eye.  She kept it classy with a halter top.