Thursday, May 31, 2012


Nobody ever wants to admit that they are the person immobilized during a catastrophe or the annoying person that just screams and stands there.  I have always pictured myself as the person who leaps over people and fences in case of emergency.  Somehow my non-athletic self would be propelled with gymnastic type moves.  I am beginning to suspect that I might be someone who acts a fool. 

I am being 100% SERIOUS when I say/write this next sentence.  Every time we have an earthquake, I freeze WONDERING if it is an earthquake OR, OR a dinosaur, Godzilla, from the future GIANT beast or transformer about to put his foot through the roof.  The first thoughts through my brain are usually wondering if he is going to step on me.  Not once and then I laughed BUT every time ESPECIALLY when it is a jerky quake.   A few nights ago, we had an earthquake and if you farted sneezed you missed it.  I was plugging in my phone to be charged and felt complete panic that I needed to plug in my phone IN CASE it was the big one EVEN though we would lose power within seconds IF it was the BIG one.  At the same time wondering if it was the big one or a demonic beast stomping around the neighborhood. 

These mild panic attacks always remind me of our weddingmoon in London where I wouldn't LEAVE the burning hotel UNTIL I found my SUNGLASSES! Not my passport, wedding dress or jewelry BUT my sunglasses.  I felt like losing my sunglasses would have been the kicker that made the trip unbearable.  We were the last people to evacuate as DH patiently put all of our necessary docs in a bag and waited for me to rip APART the hotel room in pursuit of non-prescription regular sunglasses.   I know that I have mentioned the story before but it still amazes me.

I told DH about my confusion with the stomping beast and earthquakes and his answer?? Absolute silence and boredom.