Monday, May 21, 2012

Daddy is in Heaven or London

The weekend got off to an exciting start with LO announcing to everyone that her daddy was in Heaven.  Yes, HEAVEN.  Not once but EVERY time to everyone that asked.  We don't discuss heaven as it is not big on the Jew radar so it was more than a little disconcerting.  I decided that we needed some quality time spent doing fun stuff and discussing that Daddy was in London and had not gone to HEAVEN.  On Saturday, we brought some cherries to Grandpa Irv and decided to hit up the mall near him for some Target action.  We went into Neiman Marcus which shares a mall with Target and LO was so impressed that she announced loudly that she LOVED Target and this Target was sooooooo nice.  I told her that it wasn't Target quite yet and she walked around saying, "NOT TARGET." 

On our way to Target, we stopped off at the carousel and she was so excited.  She was dancing and talking about riding on the horsies. 

Then it started and she started screaming to take her off the demon machine.  So far, no fun had been had at this point.  We got off the carousel and she walked over to the guy with the remote control cars and she handed them all to him and said, "Don't do that." Then walked away.  When he tried to put them on the ground again, she told him sternly, "Too loud!" BUT there was a Subway man at the mall dressed up as a sandwich giving out coupons and that my friends was the coolest thing ever.  She said thank you about a billion times. 

So a little fun was had until we got into Target and she was sitting in the cart and DRANK the laundry detergent.  She took the top off and drank out of the cap within the millisecond I turned to look for foam wedges.  I executed a crazy shopping cart race to find water while talking to myself and panicking.  After squirting water down her throat, I read the safety warning and they said to drink water if swallowed.  Okey, dokey.   We headed for home shortly after as I couldn't take much more excitement.  Beyond finding a new use for my Clarisonic involving a paci and her hair, I declared the day over and done for fun.
I headed out for Mom's Night Out and contemplated hitting up a movie instead of the fancy dinner.  Alas, I was happy once I was positioned with my wine and discussing the usual ladies night out topics.  Children, sex, pregnancy and bodily fluids.  LO rewarded me for all of my attempts at fun and being worn out by sleeping until 9 am both mornings.  Bless her.

I felt refreshed enough on Sunday to make another attempt at fun.  We hit up Build-a-Bear which I had never done before.  LO was impressed with the heart part and that was about it.  The concept of clothes or accessories on a bear seemed utterly ridiculous to her. 
As we were heading out to look at houses, LO wanted to hit up Nordstroms to measure her feet.  She loves the foot thingie.  While LO picked out these shoes for me.
I picked up these instead.  I was inspired by Princess Nebraska and I am wondering if I should have gotten a more racy color but this color reminded me of being in elementary school and wearing uniforms.  The excitement of shoes when you wear a uniform is immeasurable.  I remember insisting upon the RIGHT shoes each year.  AND OMG they might be the most comfortable shoe that I have EVER owned.  LO hates them and wouldn't let me wear them out of Nordstroms as we were both wearing sandals and she wanted me to keep my sandals on.  These are the kind of shoes that DH and apparently LO will hate BUT HOT DAMN everyone should own a pair. 

We finished off the weekend with some nakedness with friends, a water table, champagne and cookies in our friend's backyard and dinner with our family.  LOVE.

I had felt that LO was a little short on patience this weekend and long on tantrums which I attributed to ALL of our overwhelming FUN but she woke up at midnight with a massive cold.  Poor thing.  She came into my bed and crawled all over me in her sleep ending up on my neck.  While contemplating if I could sleep with 25 pounds of goodness on me, she yelled, "That monkey has a white shirt, Ew Ew Ew."