Monday, May 7, 2012

5 years

DH and I celebrated five years of holy terror wedded bliss marriage this weekend.  I really thought about our marriage and what I would post on the blog.  I was going to post my beautiful wedding pictures AGAIN.  Then I was going to illustrate with MS Paint the stages that your marriage goes through after the wedding plates get chipped or the luxurious towels get washed too many times.  Or what really happens after you have a child.  I could give some wisdom to all of the newbies or engaged folks but they probably appreciate advice as much as I do. 

So I will just say that marriage is HARD.  I could go into the origin of marriage and who really decided that we should go off as a twosome and form a life together.  Obvs a man.  I love DH and I wake up most days happy to be sharing my life with him.  I could say every day but that would be a lie as some days, I wake up and wish that I lived on a little island in Greece with a pool boy wielding a palm frond.  Stuff gets hard and then it gets easier and then it gets hard again.  DH is a great supportive partner who loves me and LO very much.  I couldn't ask for more in a husband.  I would miss him on that island...... eventually.  I love you, DH.