Monday, April 30, 2012

Thomas, Cranky & Sir Topham Hatt

I'm not going to lie to you, a lot of shite has been going on.  LO and I were going to St. Tropez next month to meet DH but I decided to go to the Caribbean instead over the holidays but didn't book it.  Now I am rethinking the Caribbean and shooting for Australia. A fun trip to meet DH for our anniversary has gone haywire. 

DH wants to move to Raleigh so that has been taking some brain power.  He has done a lot of the leg work but the idea of moving is taking up a lot of space right now.  Where, When, How, What.  I'm a bit lost, I am the one who wants something a bit different but moving across the country seems so drastic.

So I leave you with a video that was supposed to be a picture of our trip to see Thomas the Train this past weekend.  LO was very excited even though Thomas was a bit stifling hot.  There were some cool trains to play with and LO pretty much held her ground at the tunnel leaving some little boys pretty miffed. 
When we finally boarded Thomas and rode out of the station to a junkyard and back, LO couldn't resist yelling and waving at the non-existent people along the way.
We also purchased LO's first real bike.  We went to Toys R Us and she was able to pick out any trike that she wanted.  Yes, that is a Thomas the Train bike that plays music with NO OFF button.  Some days, I am less sad to leave the house.
A lady came up to us as LO was trying to convince me to BUY a scooter in ADDITION to the bike and asked LO why she didn't want the pink bike.  LO and I stared at her blankly and the woman asked if she was a tough girl.  LO simply told her that she wanted a BLUE bike.  So she asked LO if LO was against pink.  Then LO started yelling, "NO PINK!" sigh.  I am not anti-pink or even anti-anything, but I want LO to CHOOSE based on what she wants not what someone tells her to want.  I would have bought the jeweled pink bike if she had wanted it.  I encouraged her to TRY all of the bikes but once she found one that played a song, it was a DONE deal.

At checkout LO engaged in a "DON'T TOUCH MY BIKE," with a little girl who was telling us about her new paints and colored bubbles that she intended to use outside but the story took forever as she had a stutter and kept repeating herself.  I felt trapped by the story and afraid to disengage in case there was a smack down regarding proximity to the bike.  Finally, after LO gave her the business again about looking at the bike she said, "I am TWO and FOUR months." LO was actually impressed and offered to share her bike.