Thursday, April 12, 2012


LO has become a master story or reciter of skewed facts up in here.  She was repeating words and letting us know what she wanted but now she is telling me what to do and telling me stories about her day and what happened EVEN if I was there or it happened TWO weeks ago.  We had a bird trapped in our garage that was upset and LO talked about that bird pretty much non-stop until I told her that the bird was no longer upset as he flew away and found a tree and was happy or was dead and we hadn't found him yet

She has also started ordering me to "SIT DOWN" in the middle of the night when I go in her room in the middle of the night to make sure this is no pat on the back waking but a hold me and rock me moment.

The best story that she has been telling lately is that she asked Gigi (the nanny) if she could watch TB for FIVE minutes and Gigi said NO WAY.  She tells me like she thinks I am going to be outraged that Gigi wouldn't let her watch TB for five minutes.  I actually can't get enough of this story as it is hilarious that she would ask to watch for five minutes as she has no concept of time and the TV has been turned on a total of one time for her.  She watches Elmo on the iPad when she watches.  Gigi told me that she later heard her telling her Dolly, No WAY.

She has been killing me with her stories.  On an unrelated note as I like to skip around, I read a blog post that was awesome and really had me thinking about my wanting another baby but not necessarily another child.  Does that make sense?  I would like a redo on the baby part to be not so baby death & disease is around every corner, enjoy more and realize how quick it all goes BUT they grow up to be kids that don't appreciate you either and leave you wanting another baby.  I would love to revisit different baby times with LO but that doesn't mean I want another baby.  I like this life and I feel like it is all so manageable 90% of the time. 

It does feel a bit selfish not to have another one but I enjoy LO SO MUCH.  I am sure that I would love a second one like CRAZY as in why would I doubt for a second that I didn't run into a second baby but maybe it is just this one insanely amazing, take my breath away, lovely child.  Ahhhh, turning 29+ is just really so midlife crisis ALL the time.  When did we all get so DAMN old? It would be so much easier if I was a titch younger and had more time.  Damn these scientists spending all this time on things like Viagra when we could be researching eternal youth and stuff.  What a bunch of dumbies.