Thursday, April 19, 2012

For Those of You Following Along at Home

I had a boyfriend in my younger years that BROKE up with me all the time.  But I LOVED him and took him back and then I finally figured out that we weren't right for each other.  But damn, each time he decided he needed more time with his friends, it hurt like a dagger through my heart.   I felt like my heart was aching and I needed to talk about it excessively, drink my feelings and then make out with another guy.  When I am advising the younger generation on love as they turn to me so often for my wisdom, I always tell guys to make it clean.   A clean cut is so much easier than a guy who comes back to be friends and wants to hug.   Break up with that person and NEVER talk to them again, in a YOU are DEAD to me type of way. 

The house had multiple offers and someone came in just at asking price. We have not been officially rejected resulting in the feeling of we may still have a chance and causing me to EAT my feelings but it is NOT looking good.  AND, AND as we are digesting the news, DH is talking about a maintenance tip on the HOUSE that we are NOT buying.  This is the first house in six months that we even liked enough to make an offer.  There is no inventory in our poor people price range and I am frustrated.  I also paid $350 to fix my front DOOR yesterday as we have been unable to ENTER the house for the last three months.  WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. My pity party is NOT complete yet but getting close.  When I feel sorry for myself, I immediately feel guilty so I'm going to highlight some great things that my fellow bloggers are doing:

K is walking for Team Iris on April 28 and she is just shy of her goal so go donate, cuz Iris is a badass.

Oh, I thought there were more....