Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Farm Living is the Life for Me?

Insert me hyperventilating. The house that started the whole house hunt is BACK on the market.  The family took the house off the market for the holidays and then we got a few calls but kind of forgot about the house.  I was worried about the lack of parking but found that there is actually three spots plus the two car garage and I think you can get permits to park on the street in case of a party.   Also, the neighbor has a big driveway that they lend out for parties.  What is the point of buying a house if you can't throw parties ALL the time!  I might finally have my pie party.  BUT the biggest issue for me besides the MONEY (don't forget to send me your pennies y'all) is that the house is in the COUNTRY.   I am being totally serious like with rattlesnakes and wildlife.  They discuss issues like brush clearing.  I needed to tell the insurance agent about how many feet of brush clearance and ummmm I have no freaking clue. 

I am city folk with sidewalks and liquor stores.  There are people with HORSIES up there.  This house blows all my preschool plans for LO.  ALL of them.  There is a large play structure in the back yard but really no where for LO to go during the day.  I would have to bribe Jen to come to my house and give nature lessons.  I would also plant things like food stuff except that may attract the wildlife so I am really unsure at this point on that whole exercise. The realtor pointed out the spot for a bouncy house?!! I never thought of space for a bouncy house being a selling point but we like to bounce.
All of this hand wringing has led to me being very chicken alfredo lasagna for lunch and very scratch my neck obsessively.  We are putting in an offer and I just can't think about it anymore.  Will you come visit us in the country??