Monday, April 23, 2012

Crazy Pants

I am not feeling that inspired lately so I will regale you with short stories.

LO has been fascinated lately with tails and pockets.  I guess she was under the impression that the cats were kicking her with their foot when their tails touched her.   She screamed at one of the cats, "Stop kicking ME MEKA!" For some reason, both cats are Meka when she is angry.  So I explained about tails and she has been trying to determine who has a tail and who doesn't.  She is a titch disappointed that she doesn't have a tail and has checked many times.  We were walking along discussing tails and she realized that she had no pockets on her jacket.  She likes to stroll with her hands in her pockets, so she told me that she would buy a tail and pockets at the store.

We picked DH up from the airport on Saturday night and grabbed an early sushi dinner.  John and I were debating the presence of Jews in North Carolina and LO announced to the owner of the restaurant and hostesses that she was JEWish, "I AM JEWish." It was pretty awesome.
I have swung the complete opposite direction on the house search as in, I'm not interested in spending money.  I feel like everything is just out of our price range like we can almost get there but can't.  It feels like POOOOOP.  We could over commit OR we could go rogue.  I feel like giving up and moving to another city.  LA is just beating me down these days.  I feel like we are spending A LOT of money and energy for the WEATHER.  But what if we just went rogue and moved to a dicey neighborhood, not a cool dicey neighborhood but really immersed ourselves in a different way of life.  What if we stopped paying a ton of money and going to preschool with people who talk about their trilingual, ballet, relay running, RIE, Reggio geniuses and went rogue. 

We were at a different playground on Saturday and one of the kids pushed LO off of a toy.  99% of the time, the parent mumbles something and cites whatever wisdom we are all being force fed.  This mom snatched that kid and came back 5 minutes later and told that kid to apologize.  She stood there and apologized, I almost fell over.  I am not saying that is the "right way of parenting," but hot damn if it didn't remind me of my childhood.   Maybe there are parents out there that don't sit through weekly parent circle time to talk about issues like potty training and sleeping.  I could be missing something and LO is almost guaranteed to need therapy but I think it should be a lot simpler.  I haven't met any 12 year olds that wore diapers or still cried in the middle of the night from their cribs.  What if there are OTHER people out there worrying about larger issues that we could all discuss NOT focused on our kids??!

I had a crazy dream last night where I was looking for a bathroom, which happens ALL the time in my dreams.  I need to stop with the glass of water before bedtime.  BUT I was following someone to the bathroom who had a KEY and then we were in a crazy maternity ward with women birthing babies.  We finally found a bathroom which was OCCUPIED as we all know what happens if you actually use the bathroom in a dream BUT the bathroom was outfitted with a PACI cleaner.  Maybe because we were in the maternity ward?? I was able to preview the paci cleaner but not use the bathroom. 
I finished the Language of Flowers and Maisie Dobbs this weekend.  Both were pretty darn good.  Maisie Dobbs is like Downton Abbey in a book and the Language of Flowers is hmmmm a little bit about the foster care system and a little about flowers and a little bit about love and a little bit about motherhood.  I get my books from the library so I tend to be a bit behind.  I also read False Friend which was entirely meh for me and Diary of a Mad Fat Girl which was a mindless beach read.
We visited Grandpa Irv yesterday and he was in really good spirits which was great to see.  Thanks to everyone for asking.  When asked what we should bring him, LO thought a birthday cake appropriate and possibly one of the cats. 
We are on our final attempt at a wean for LO's medication.  We have been dairy free and it seems to be helping but the next two weeks will be the guide for our next steps.  All of her doctors are set on additional tests, I continue to hold out hope that the final wean will work.