Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Chickens Hatched & Stuff

I need to address the rumors that Tom and Gis (that is what the neighbors call her) will be our neighbors. Nobody asked.  Yes, it is true.  Their new home is really not close at all to our not yet, probably won't get house.  I have drawn a map so you can see.
Also, do you believe me now about the COUNTRY?! What do you think all of that green is? That is filled with snakes and wildLIFE.

So we put in an offer on the house that will most likely not get accepted and do you know what DH and I discussed last night?! I should say heavily argued discussed? END TABLES! AND when we can invite people over.  DH doesn't want me to invite people over to our current place ever as he hates living there.  It is a lonely life when you can't have people over but our place is SMALL so I get it.  BUT he is saying no one can come over UNTIL we get furniture at the NEW house.  WE WILL NEVER agree on furniture.  So this is me worrying about his suggestion for end tables on a house that we will most likely not get.