Thursday, April 5, 2012

Are Those Diseased Chicken Legs?

The party is over and the presents are somewhat unwrapped. Don't you feel like you always come across something the DAY AFTER the party that you WISH you had known about maybe TWO DAYS prior??! I really blame ALL of you for not informing me of the CAKE PUSH POP!  I feel the need to start testing for next year or to throw ANOTHER party so I can try the cake push pop.  I may have yelled something about not throwing a 3rd birthday but that is really prior to me knowing about the cake push pop so stay tuned.  I may feel the need for a Passover Push Pop, Flag Day Pop, Cinco de Mayo Pop or Tax Day Pop.

Anyway in the mean time, I can focus back on my second favorite subject, myself.  There is a high probability that I will have to FIND my bathing suit and wear it this weekend.  Showing my legs might not even be legal in half the country.  I really feel that I have exhausted the fake tan spectrum and I rarely wear shorts as in NEVER.  So watch out world, these bad riders are going to debut and take on the world shortly.  If you have any tanning ideas--please send them my way before I scare children.

In other highly important news, I have been doing some pondering and soul searching and have decided that we really have very little control when it comes to trying to "change" our kids.  I am really becoming more of a 90% nature/10 % nurture believer.  All of Ella's friends have such distinct personalities and I really don't believe that there is much we can do.  I believe we can lead our children towards smart choices and try to make them independent but that may be all that we can do.  Hmmmm, parenting may have just become a little easier.  

On the other hand, I know a good number of baby boomers that can't seem to get past transgressions that happened in their childhoods.  So does this mean that their parents believed that they could nurture/control their kids and didn't believe in nature or are the boomers just big complainers?? My one hope for LO is that I can raise her with the ability to move on from her childhood with no large scars.  What do you hope for your kids beyond their happiness and health?