Monday, March 12, 2012

Why Its Hard to Be Two

Every being seems to shudder when you say that your child is two.  Twenty-two months and they are still adorable but TWO is like announcing you have a highly contagious deadly disease on an airplane.  I absolutely love her personality and being able to communicate with LO.  Suddenly having a newborn that can't control their reflexes or sleep seems so distant.  She is two and sassy and she whines and pushes our buttons.  LO will give me the stare down while testing me and tells EVERYONE, "MAMA SAID NO BIKES ON THE CARPET!" But when she says, "I wuve you, Mommy," before bedtime or says, "How about this?" or when she sees a dress and declares it cute, I MELT.

If you look at being two from her perspective, I can understand her frustration.  So ten reasons that adults just don't understand two year olds:

1. Crying used to produce desired results.  Crying now leads to an unwanted kiss but never leads to ice cream for breakfast.

2. Throwing toys used to be cute and people would hand you back the toy.  Throwing toys now leads to an annoying song about clean up time and you are expected to clean up.

3.  You have to share which just means that you are mad until it is "your turn," again.

4.  People would run when you called but now they casually call out, "In a minute."  What the hell is a minute?

5.  You have the ability to climb, run, yell and throw but have to sit in a chair, use your inside voice and resist throwing items a good portion of the time.

6.  Big kids take toys from you, you take toys from babies and get in trouble.

7.  Your suggestions for dinner foods, bedtime, avoiding diaper changes and teeth brushing are always ignored.

8.  You want to do everything yourself but are usually denied the ability to wear shoes on the wrong feet and both legs in one pant leg.

9.  You keep hearing that you are TWO and it sounds like a bad thing. 

10.  You want to eat a sandwich naked with your shoes and socks on in peace.  "Viva la Revolucion!"