Monday, March 12, 2012

Veggie Grill

I really think that leap years suck as you work an extra day people, and then you lose an hour of sleep two weeks later.  That extra day should be added to a weekend and then that extra hour should come out at 4pm on a Friday.  I'm not using the leap year as an excuse for what happened this weekend but it has put me in a mood.  DH and I attended our first ever school auction.  I had heard about these mysterious school auctions and was excited to experience an adult evening "for the kids." 

We were invited to a pre-party around the corner from the auction location as we were informed that each couple was only given one drink ticket and the whole shindig was a million hours long.  I also have a fear of arriving to a party and only being offered chardonnay and pork to eat. So we met some folks and drank wine and ate non-pork items and had a merry time.  I drank probably one glass too many of wine but I was storing up for a long night and a walk in heels.  I was also questioning the intelligence of the school not having an open bar.  Drunk people spend more money "for the kids."  Well, they duped me into drinking more at the pre-party and then we got there and it WAS AN OPEN BAR.  They were obvs GENIUS as I was now prone to drink and spend more. 

You walk in and were offered a drink and were dumped into a loud room filled with items to bid on.  DH spotted the below bike and fell in love as in "MY DAUGHTER MUST HAVE THIS BIKE," so he bid the maximum and while I think the bike is cool, I couldn't help thinking that bike looked a bit familiar.  Sure a bit snazzier but we hadn't bought her a bday gift so I was cool with the bike.
Then we looked at photographers as I hadn't booked anyone for LO's party and they were offering a lot of options for bidding.  So we bid on two figuring that we would get one.  Then we spotted...ok I could go on for awhile here.  Let me sum it up, someone outbid the maximum for the bike and DH was not happy and it was a big thing about which family should get to buy the overpriced bike.  Thankfully, a friend was volunteering with check-out and whispered how much we spent and I immediately declared the other family the winner of the beloved bike.

Not only are we the proud owners of two photography sessions, a bottle of Grande Dame champagne, a fondue party participant, we also won some gift cards to Veggie Grill and a plank steak for two at the Galley.  I have never been to Veggie Grill and DH hates the Galley which I misunderstood at the time of his restroom break.   The absolute best part of the entire evening is that I lost all of the gift cards at some point on Sunday.  When we were invited to a school auction for an elementary school that LO doesn't attend, it can only mean that we must have killed it on our first school auction. 

In order to fulfill my one project for the party self imposed requirement, I decided to try my hand at chocolate molds this weekend at 11pm on Sunday.  I can only say that I was not feeling it and neither were my pink pig chocolate molds.