Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Party Hats & Soul Glo

Thanks to everyone that said they were ENJOYING my posts on the birthday party!  Last night, I bought all of my supplies to make jam.  Strawberries are in season and on sale--hurray!  After evaluating the recipe, I decided I needed a thermometer and I didn't have time to buy one.  So, I decided to use up my oats from the failed granola bars and see if I could make something more edible.  I also knew that I would have a lot of jam on hand in a few days so I wanted to find a recipe that would use jam as well.  I gave these raspberry oatmeal cookies a try.   I wish that I took beautiful pictures of my food like so many other blogs but I tend to forget until we have given them a try and before I put them on a plate.
These are reallllllly good.  I didn't realize that we were missing our 8x8 pan so these are in a larger pan and I think would have been better a little thicker.  I am going to double the recipe for LO's party and keep the same pan.  You really need to get the mixture pressed into the pan and pressed on top to avoid them being crumbly.  The jam was surprisingly hard to spread and resulted in a few areas that were too jammy.  LO AND DH loved them.  They are similar to brownies in that the edges are delicious when they first come out of the oven and then the middle is better once they set and cool. 

DH came home and we got started on our hat project.  Andrea sent me a file for these hats that I printed, so we cut, put them together and then started decorating.  We still need to tie ribbons and finish decorating and there were a few grumbles about the ease of just BUYING hats BUT so much fun.  I am going to use them as the centerpiece for the kid's table.  I fully expect them to fall apart within second of the kids messing with them.  I could have used super glue but I feared that someone would put a ball in their mouth so I used non-toxic glue.

Lastly, do you ever get songs in your head when you are doing certain activities.  I am not talking about hearing a Miley Cryus tune and then it is stuck with you.  For example, when I am cutting something I always hear, "The first cut is the deepest."  Then when I am really busy at work or late to fit it all in, I hear, "Every day I'm hustling." When LO is talking about putting colors in the bathtub at night I hear, "I see your true colors shining through," but it is the jingle version for Soul Glo from Coming to America.  How about you??