Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I sometimes wonder if other working parents struggle with the MAKE IT SPECIAL syndrome.  I equate the MAKE IT SPECIAL syndrome with the Disneyland Dad but to a lesser degree.  Disneyland Dad could be either parent but it is usually the every other weekend divorced dad who takes the kids two weekends a month and wants it to be UNFORGETTABLE as he doesn't see his kids.  There are lots of amusement parks and big purchases such as overpriced mountain bikes that are too tall for a seven year old.  Too close to home?  Ok, back on subject.  So, when I get home I like to DO STUFF with LO or attack an issue that I am noticing.   LO doesn't eat anything beyond jelly sandwiches, hummus, raisins, eggs and milk based products.  We have all but eliminated dairy and her face is soooooooo much better and her tummy is a lot better BUT it leaves a big hole in her diet. 

So I thought it would be fun to make homemade granola bars and eventually add in flax seed and wheat germ, etc.  LO sits on a bar stool and I give her a muffin tin with all of the ingredients that I am using so she can sample when we are cooking. 
She was into the raisins but she wouldn't try the stinking bars.  I DIPPED THEM IN CHOCOLATE to try and convince her and she wasn't having it.  I ATE the chocolate in front of her.  I "accidentally" dropped chocolate on her hand and she refused to lick it.  I gave her straight pink chocolate and she refused.  She decided to abandon our cooking project as she wanted to CLEAN.  Specifically get her supplies from the cabinet and sweep the porch.  Makeitspecialmakeitspecialmakeitspecial.  Awesome, of course you can sweep the porch.  I will finish our project alone and work on saving the pink chocolate pigs.

But LO is onto the makeitspecial and insisted that I clean with her.  As in, pulled the swifter out of the closet and handed it to me to take care of the inside.  Hmmmm, I decided to play along and cleaned the floors BUT let me tell you if she pulls out the toilet brush, we are going to have issues.