Thursday, March 1, 2012

I'm No Size 4, J. Crew

I'm not a size 4, much to the amazement of DH who pretends I'm a size 2.  I come from a long line of well endowed rear ends.  While I wish that I was a bit more balanced on the top,  I have shopped for enough years to know how to properly conceal and diminish my booty.  All I can say is praise whoever for Sir Mix-a-Lot, J-Lo and Kim K who have made the butt somewhat fashionable.  I was a size 2 in my 20s for a long time and then went directly to a size 6.  There was no stopping at 4 which has such a nice ring to it.  I told myself that the Wakefield twins were size 6 and everything should be modeled off the Wakefield twins right?!?!

Anyway imagine my surprise while shopping at J. Crew for a suit when I tried on a size 4 suit and it was a bit bulky last year and they suggested a 2?! Or when I recently bought a pencil skirt and I was a size 4 in a straight unforgiving pencil skirt??!!  Maybe all of that working out and eating healthy has paid off?  Oh wait, I haven't worked out in 9 months and I have been feasting on cookies, cake and wine and have packed on a few jiggly pounds.  I also noticed that J. Crew is offering 00 as in double zero size.  Can we all be honest with each other? You are not a double zero, just like I am not a 4! I am imaging a universe in 30 years where I am a triple zero and that is just not true.  I am a "normal" healthy 29+ year old.  I feel like the big sizing down occurs every five to seven years. 

What is the point of the sizing down? Don't even get me started on Gap.  I don't feel better knowing I am a fake size 4.  I realize that it is a business strategy, but is it effective?  What are your thoughts on sizing down and who are the worst offenders??

Our crazy cleaning lady is here today.  I just don't know sometimes.