Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dresses and Vomit and Dresses that Make Me Vomit

I went to look at every single dress yesterday and all of them were too long.  Wayyyyyyy too long.  Janie and Jack told me that they make their dresses long on purpose.  What about the small kids, J&J??? I liked the idea of this look from Princess Nebraska but was a bit worried about pouf.  I took LO to Nordstroms at night and the only dresses that fit her were:

The purple dress fits her really well but is so blah and I am just really unsure about that lace vest.  The green dress is the same dress as the red one from my last post as they didn't have the red version.  The kicker is the red shoes that I already ordered to arrive today.
WARNING-VOMIT AHEAD I had planned to try on the blue with white polka dot dress when we got home from Nordstroms BUT she started vomiting on the CARPET when we got home.  Similar to the cat.   She was eating a cracker and I think she choked a little bit and then started vomiting and couldn't stop?? I have seen her vomit while trying to sneeze too.  It was a real bummer as she has started refusing to bathe this week too.  So, it was scream city while taking a bath.  Poor thing.  I sometimes forget when she is giving me the sass that she is only two years old and still just a baby.  She looked like a newborn when she was screaming and naked. 

This morning I dropped the blue and white polka dot dress off at the dry cleaner and told them to hack two inches off the 12-18 month size dress.  We are going to go for it.  When did this style go out of fashion anyway?  I love little knobby knees and legs showing.

This is what she picked out as in put it on me immediately and we NEED to buy it. We compromised and bought the purse. 

I just don't always agree with her accessory choices.