Tuesday, March 13, 2012


We are on a strict photo schedule around these parts.  LO gets her birthday photos done solo, we have action shots at her party and family photos in the Fall that translate into our holiday cards unless DH doesn't LOOK at the camera then it is just LO.  Suddenly, buying TWO photo sessions at the auction doesn't seem like such a bad idea!

For LO's birthday shots, I like a casual shot and I am adding a "dress" shot this year.  We will be repeating this shirt with an updated color and number.
Then I am trying to decide on a dress.  The problem with most dresses is that they are too long and wide.  I own the first dress in size 12-18 months and it is still a titch too big.  Let me know which dresses you like for the photo shoot and her party.  The party has a lot of red, should she coordinate? These thrilling questions keep me up at night.  Also, suggest another dress that you have seen preferably on the short side.

I am holding my breath waiting for your opinion.