Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Birthday Post - Are you bored yet?

I know that you are bored with my birthday posts and I am OK with that feeling.  I am NOT bored at ALL and LO is getting more excited EVERY day.  I told her that we would have jelly beans at the party and she could barely stand it. So I apologize for all the posts.  We have turned the recipes into LO and I baking together and it makes a fun after-work activity.  I canceled the truck much to DH's dismay.  I am scaling her party back a bit.  I thought back to this post where I discussed saving money for a house.  We really want to move and going crazy on the party doesn't exactly jive with my whole saving money thing.   Unfortunately,  my semi-annual balance the checkbook and look at money going in and coming out was yesterday and we need to reign ourselves in.  I mean a little reigning not too much.  Like maybe avoiding school auctions and the such.  Also, we have a little girl coming that has a severe peanut allergy so I think that making everything is a great way to have everything nut free.

Sadly, I have been unable to find a pink baby pig as well.  I really think a little Babe-esque pig would complete the party.  I think I was compensating for my lack of Babe with the food truck.  So I am back to my menu.  We made the German pancakes last night from this recipe using no orange zest.  I made them in mini muffin cups.  LO called them muffin cookies and licked the jam out of them. The bummer was that they stuck to the muffin wrappers so I am going to try to use wrappers with silver in them.  Are those supposed to be non-stick?  I have also decided to try my hand at making jam tonight.   DH is home tonight and he is making all the party hats.  His design efforts may differ from mine but that is what makes homemade stuff great.  I am fulfilling all of my Pinterest and Etsy dreams with this party.  I have gotten a lot of assistance on the paper goods and ideas from Andrea at  Sweet Bambinos.

Lastly, Jen emailed me and was like, "hey my mom has a house that she may want to sell." Which is crazy because we would like to BUY it.  So it sparked a little flicker of hope in the house department.  Link me your best jam recipes, pretty please!