Monday, March 19, 2012

Birthday Party FOOD Edition

I was so excited to rent the buttermilk truck for LO's party and it was going to be a big surprise, Yeah!! Last year we did crepes and it was so much fun, so I wanted to have a different breakfasty, cool food.  Then I didn't hear from them for a few days and I started thinking about making the food for the party instead of the truck.  I love making breakfasty platters and it is only 40ish people.   The food truck is back online but I may CANCEL the truck and make this menu.  Whaddya think? Am I pushing the limits by making the cakes and desserts and making the other food?? Here is a suggested menu and I need to start trying out recipes if we are a GO on this idea.  Also, the party is 10:30-12:30 so a tiny bit of a tweener menu.

Asparagus and cheese quiches
Mini German pancakes with fruit filling
Mini blueberry muffins
Fruit platter
Vanilla berry parfait or Strawberry/pound cake skewers
Pig-shaped jelly sandwiches
Bagels and Lox? (In case everything sucks?)
Also, a white donut hole tree is appealing to me--see below

Candy bar
Cupcakes in a cone and regular cupcakes
2 cakes