Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Traumatized in Playa Vista

Playa Vista is a super duper compact newish housing community built on a marsh/wetland on the way to the airport.  Everything is brand new and sparkling and very suburban.  LO, DH and I hit up their tot lot on the way home from the airport last night to kill time before the sushi restaurant opened as a special treat for LO.  I had heard that it was a great playground and LO loved running around as there was no sand in sight.  They had a community security guard hanging around and lots of families with kids.  There are a lot of parks in our area with a lot of homeless people hanging around.   This park had no homeless people or any creepy peeps hanging about.

LO was hitting the outside of a Bubble Panel at the playground while a boy was looking through the bubble.  A bubble panel is a big plastic half circle on playgrounds.  This angered the boy and he started screaming at her through the bubble.  This made DH and I laugh as she thought it was hilarious.  So she ran around to the other side and started playing with another part of the structure which angered him but he wasn't touching her and we were standing right there.  I thought his parent might come over and tell him to calm down or to put the helmet back on his head but he calmed down and was talking to her underneath the structure.  So DH and I resumed talking and then IT HAPPENED. 

DH: "Is that kid showing LO his wanky and pretending to pee on her?"

Me: "You are crazy, he is HOLY SHITE!! LO get away from that crazy boy."

Then I proceeded to look for the future pedophiles' parents who were NOWHERE to be found.  I know that a seven year old doesn't come to the park unaccompanied.  OMG, is that normal? Is this one of those moments where I really appreciate having a daughter?  Were his parents hiding as they knew that he was a repeat flasher/pantomime peeing beast? WHAT IS THAT??