Friday, February 24, 2012


So at lunch, ya know 45 minutes after I did my last post on the tools that I was hoping to "borrow," I ran to Surfas which is like the most awesome restaurant supply store in the WORLD (that may be a slight over-exaggeration as I have only been to one).

Items that I purchased
Two cake pans 9x2   $7 each
Cake board to put cake on  $1
A very large flat cutting board to roll out the fondant $6
A 20" rolling pin without handles $10
Cake flour $6
Offset spatula $5
Fondant $9

Project total to date=$76

After buying my cake pans and the correct amount of fondant, I realized that a two layer 9" cake will not be enough cake to feed everyone.   I was also told that working with larger cakes can be more difficult sooooooo I am going to make two cakes.  I am debating letting LO decorate the second cake.   I would frost it without fondant and then let her get crazy with the colors and decor.  OR challenge DH to a cake off.  This post may actually serve as the cake off challenge.  Scared?

In other non-sugar news, DH and I are going to see a house this weekend and I am excited as I think that the house has some possibilities.  It definitely needs a little work but it isn't along the almost condemned line of housing that we usually peruse in our price range.  DH said "it was nice" and we are both concerned about the location a bit but I am moderately hopeful.   The house could definitely use a kitchen remodel, with me being a big time baker and all but appears usable.  Need I remind anyone about this crazy pants place!
Before I tell you what DH feels is the largest upgrade that needs to be done immediately, I have to say that DH is awesome.  He constantly amazes me with some of his "isms."  I love you but you are so crazy.   Behold the must on the remodel list.  As in MUST BE TAKEN CARE OF IMMEDIATELY.  
He hates brick ribbon in a driveway.  I had no idea and there are no words.  I am picturing him wearing a black Gucci driving loafer with no socks tiptoeing around the ribbon in utter disgust. He doesn't own a Gucci driving loafer but that is how I imagine it.