Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Round-up

Hellllllooooooo out there!! I haven't been blogging as of late as I feel very uninteresting.  Kind of blah.  DH came back from London (with chocolate!!) and we celebrated Valentine's Day on Saturday evening by going to Cirque du Soleil.  We sat in front of Jay Leno and in back of a guy with a weak chin and two escorts.  I don't know if that says anything about our position in this world.  I thought the two escorts were probably stolen from their homeland and sold into a prostitution ring and should be saved.  DH didn't think that was the case and asked that I not inquire about their safety.

The parade of second birthdays started this weekend with a bubble party.  It was a fantastic idea and LO had so much fun.  It is hard to believe that she is turning two.  I remember all of these kids at 6 weeks and now they are such little people with different personalities.
We also visited Grandpa Irv this weekend and went to Costco where LO loaded up on sticker books and board books.  They also picked out some clothes together.  Their combined tastes are a bit eccentric.  Grandpa Irv also gave his opinion on the pig party, not in favor with a side eye.  Maybe he thought I was going to serve it?!

Lastly, my company moved across the street to their former offices that they had been in for 20 years.  They recreated the office so it looked exactly how they decorated it 20 years ago.  It is so awesome and corporate that it makes me crack up.  I have a brand new desk that looks old school and has a pull out board for possibly chopping veggies.

LO and I leave for vacation on Thursday--woohoo!