Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Nobody Said Anything

When I pregnant with LO, I stalked those baby boards for women having a baby in the same month for tips on what should be happening, upcoming tests and general misery loves company talk.  I never posted as I was just a quiet voyeur into a lot of drama.  One post that has stayed with me is a second time mommy who wrote a post for all of the first time mommies.  The post basically said that people should be extra kind to first time moms as they have NO idea what to expect.  HELLO, totally true.  At the time, I thought she was referring to the actual process of birth and then keeping a newborn alive longer than a household plant.  That may have been all she was trying to say but there are so many things that no one really tells you about. 

The worst part is that it just keeps getting harder.  I have been sleep training LO AGAIN the past three nights and NO ONE says that you have to do it multiple times.  I thought you lived through it at four/five months and then you are done.  No sir, sleep is the gift that keeps on giving with development and age and time change and sickness.  Sleep training is especially awesome once they learn to talk, "MOMMY NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I'M SAD." I would be down with a family bed at this point but everyone ends up cranky and tired. My favorite is "I funny, Daddy funny, Gigi (the nanny) funny, Mommy not funny."

Although I hate hearing her scream, I know that she feels better when she sleeps and she loves her crib.  I feel better when I sleep and more rational but damn it kills my soul a bit.  Sleep training is nothing compared with what is on the horizon.  Mean kids! Mean GIRLS! Heartbreak! Broken bones! Weird adults! School! Peer Pressure!! I am thinking of building a bubble as I didn't know that I had to experience all of the trauma of childhood AGAIN but WORSE.  Why didn't anyone tell me??

PS I am really digging the haircut that I gave her.  I think I may have a future in baby haircuts.