Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Good Taste

While DH and I have spent the last few months gasping in horror at the houses in our price range in So CA, my grandpa's house has been on the market.   While we have had countless moments of "what were they thinking?" and "that monstrosity gets ripped out IMMEDIATELY," I can't help but wonder what people were thinking when they walked through a house that I love and held so many good memories.   I am being 100% serious when I say that I would kill for this wallpaper in a guest bathroom at a future home.   I would probably skip putting it on the ceiling but that paper was adhered with some chemical that has never shown a bubble, any wear or fading.  
Behold the pool where I ate countless lunches and snacks in and was thrown off the diving board in some swim training torture.  I would also kill for that pool that used to have a slide.  Imagine my surprise when trying out other pools that didn't keep the temperature at 88 degrees. 

So, while I imagine the new owners have BIG plans for this house, I can only remember all of the happy memories with my grandparents.  I remember when they bought their first microwave, the first non-rotary phones and the trash compacter.  I remember the card games at night with my grandpa's friends and the mahjong games over lunch with my grandma's friends. 
The room where you weren't allowed to eat or drink anything will always be my favorite.
It is truly the end of an era.