Wednesday, February 22, 2012

For My Mouth

LO and I had a great time on our mini-vaca where both of us indulged in reckless eating of s'mores and other delicious treats.  While running down the street in Carmel, she spied a bakery and screamed that she needed a cookie for her mouth.  I hear ya, lady.  I always need a cookie for my mouth.  Her vocabulary has really started coming together and it is hard to imagine a time when she wasn't talking.  She still says stuff that I do not understand and I just nod in agreement but most of the time I get the general idea. Her topics usually revolve around balloons, books, pictures of herself, fries, hummus, buses, our car, pacis, friends and strollers.

I would be really horrified at my February 2012 self in April 2010 as I feel like I have forgotten everything about babies except for what LO is doing right this second.   I tried to help the other mommy on the trip with her 9 month old and I was completely useless.  A shout out to all the first time mommies in the first year out there.  I loved a lot of things about the first year as adorableness overflows but it is still pretty tough.   LO and I were pretty sad to come home as we were spending every second together but we are back in our routine and being away from So CA really makes me appreciate it.  I get so frustrated with the cost of living here and all of the crazies but there are so many awesome reasons to love this place as well. 

I didn't take many pics on the trip as the last thing I want to carry is our big fancy camera when I have a million absolutely necessary items to bring.  A little matchy, matchy and a swing.