Monday, February 27, 2012


Our little family had a big weekend with culture, homemade food, parties and cake.   Friday night I made this monstrosity which sucked.  It looks so good but tasted so meh.  DH was a trooper and ate it anyways, LO looked at me like I was crazy and refused.  She did announce to us loudly at dinner that "she had a KNIFE, hahahahahha, mommy has a KNIFE, daddy has a KNIFE, we all have KNIVES!!"

I went ahead and started my cake experiment on Friday night producing two somewhat similar cakes.
I let them cool completely and then wrapped them in plastic and refrigerated them overnight.  Saturday morning, was cake decorating time. I had a little help as OMG, rolling out fondant is hard work.  That is my new rolling pin which I really dig.  It can also be used as kindle in extreme situations or a weapon.

I made a major whiff with the fondant but managed to lay it over the cake and even tried some shapes.  You are going to really need to use your imagination on this one.  A white cake with a big red star on top that Olivia sits on, red stars on the sides and red formed balls around the base.  I didn't have the star cutters or the food dye so it was a white on white cake with flowers.  This pic is before I refrigerated the cake which improved the look a bit. 
Lessons that I learned
  • Fondant is a crazy bitche that stretches
  • A three layer cake would look WAY more impressive and I'm contemplating it.  Although the cake is extremely dense.
  • This cake recipe is not a light cake--does that bother me?
  • DO NOT sketch the parchment paper with a pen--I don't want to talk about that part
  • The gold bottom that you see was a dollar well spent
  • I need to buy cornstarch to roll out the fondant as my jimmy rigging with substitute materials didn't work
  • Consider fresh fruit in the middle
  • The shapes absolutely need to be the same width
  • Try harder to get the bubbles out of the batter
  • The crumb frosting needs to be smoother
After all that cake fun, we were off to see LO's very first play, "Little Red Riding Hood."  She decided to try her hand at makeup application.  I think she has a real future if eyeshadow in ears ever becomes popular.
She did some light reading while waiting for us to get ready and we were off.
She LOVED the play and didn't move the entire first half and only got a little squirmy toward the end of the second half.  I could not believe how much she liked it and even yelled out a big "YEAH," at the right moment in the production.  We went to dinner after the play and she kept insisting that she wanted WINE.  Yeah, I really felt like mother of the year when the waiter brought her a wineglass with water in it.

On Sunday we went to a party with all of her friends in the morning where they listened to stories and got to decorate cookies.  There was an awesome Curious George cake there that was wait for it--$75! Yes, a dollar less than I have already invested in LO's cake and big enough to feed everyone.  The goodie bag contained a Curious George book which LO loved.  It really inspired me to skip the junk and go with a book as the favor.  I am thinking of buying multiple Olivia books and putting them out so the kids can choose in case they already have some of the books.

Lastly, we went to visit the brick ribbon driveway house.  We drove to the "far" neighborhood which was not that far, the street was a bit narrow but cute and the driveway not that offensive.  Could it be?? LO and I walked in and she spotted a swing in the backyard and the realtor said we could try it out. I went to put her in as I see DH's furrowed brow popping in windows and kicking floorboards.  I am dying to look in the house but I push LO in the swing and wait my turn.  The realtor joins me outside as I am essentially trapped when DH comes out as well.  This is the part in the story where DH and I differ on what happened.  He notices the back lot has a dramatic edge that I haven't seen as I haven't seen ANYTHING yet and forcefully says, "DEALBREAKER," to the realtor and walks away.  Leaving me with LO in the swing and the realtor who now is looking at me like get your kid out of the swing.  The entire way home, I just kept yelling dealbreaker until LO was yelling dealbreaker to DH as well.  DH is hilarious and we love him but I fear we may never find a non DEALBREAKER house.  In all fairness, the edge was a dealbreaker but maybe something we could have discussed in the car together.

Lastly, I made dinner again leaving LO feeling quite exasperated with all of the cooking and non-paying attention to her.  She decided to extend an olive branch a leg to the Mama cat to discuss a possible reconciliation but sadly no agreement could be reached.