Friday, February 24, 2012

Cake Decorating Part 1

No job can start without the right tools and research.  As this will be a multi-layer cake with fondant and gum paste,  I have been researching what I need to buy or borrow.  This is the post where you leave in the comments that you have the tools I need to borrow for a month and you will be at the same b-day party tomorrow am.  I am going to be practicing every weekend with a different part of the cake.   I have decided to use this recipe from Bakerealla for the actual yellow cake.  Are you mourning the loss of chocolate cake at LO's party?  I have decided to make these cupcakes with chocolate cake and white frosting and color coordinated sprinkles.
I will be using tips from this site on how to make the layers level and not crumbly.  I am also considering making the actual cake the week before and freezing to avoid less heartache.  I have also considered that two layers may not be enough and I may need MORE!  I briefly considered this 14 layer cake and had visions of a rainbow but I have decided that LO has A LOT more birthdays so I should try to be realistic.  This is also the part where I make a confession.  I bought a fondant cake topper.  Sigh, I really think that I need it and there is NO WAY that I could make one this awesome.  She is being shipped to me at the end of the month and I have to put her together a bit (does that count??) she is completely edible and made entirely of fondant.
To keep things interesting, I am going to tell you EVERY dollar that I spend on this cake to shock and horrify you and DH and embarrass myself.  I am kind like that.   The cake topper was $25 with a $6 shipping fee. 

Next up, I need some cake pans, a rotating cake plate for frosting and decorating and a cool offset spatula that looks like this.
How will I create the magic without looking like a pro?  I may have to wear a poufy dress with a frilly apron and drink hard liquor over ice when I bake too.  I will try not to get my cigarette ash in the cake.  Isn't that how they do it on Mad Men??