Monday, February 6, 2012


The weekend in bullets:
  • There was a cake with candles for my b-day on Friday nite.   AND my aunt offered her house for LO's pig parteee!  Hurrayyyy!
  • LO and I headed to Manhattan Beach on Saturday to meet up with an old time friend and shopped. 
  • LO and I attended a Super Bowl party where she had herself some cupcakes and cookies with crazy abandon.
  • I cut LO's hair by myself when it was wet in the bathtub.  I just couldn't help myself.  I kind of closed my eyes and just did it. I think it looks great but there is a small section that is shorter than the other parts.  I could have gone down the hopeless road of making it even but we all know that never works.
  • I gave LO peanut butter at the park when an orthodontist friend was sitting with us.  Somehow I was sure that she would know what to do.  I had a peanut butter fear when I was pregnant and I have feared giving it to her.  Should I still be scared if she had no reaction?
  • LO was accepted into a preschool that would start in November and I want to try and work out a way that I could pick her up if she went to the extended day program ending mid-afternoon.  Any ideas?