Thursday, February 23, 2012

Awkward & Stubborn

One of LO's friends came over last night to play while her mom worked but LO wasn't home.  Yeah, it's crazy but LO is pretty busy and popular.  She was a bit perplexed to be playing without LO and kept asking if she was coming back soon.  Meanwhile, I was worried that she would start crying as her mom was gone.  I kept offering her wine beverages and made it a whole 12 minutes before asking if she wanted to watch TV.  I knew that she was allowed to watch TV and she wanted to watch Yo Gabba Gabba.  Thankfully, I found an episode on OnDemand and I sat down to watch it with her.  Are you kidding me?? What is that show? WHO INVENTED THAT SHOW? Are the writers wasted when they put together the episodes? Anyway, the moral of the story is that I have absolutely no idea what to do with children that are not my own.  I am socially awkward and confused around children.  What is wrong with me??

Meanwhile, LO's birthday planning is in full swing. I decided after a five minute trip to Michael's that I am going to make LO's cake!  For no other reason than I want to and I think that I can and I like to take on stressful projects.  This is what I would like:
This is similar to what I am going to shoot for:
This is my worst case scenario:
I am going to say RIGHT NOW that it will be cheaper to buy a cake by the time I am finished.  I am also going to say RIGHT NOW that it will be easier, less stressful and avoid one, possibly two fights in my house.  I don't care as I think I have a future in cake decorating based on my five minutes in the cake aisle. 

I also bought this for LO's party:
My brilliant idea is to set this up for the party and then sell it on Craig's List.  I bought it for $80 and then I will sell it for $60.  A $20 rental for the party!  You can have it for $50 if you come to the party and take it with you that day!! What a steal, I'm talking to you Jen with a party the very next weekend.

We have a water table which I plan to fill with plastic balls so they can use the basket or just throw them.   I plan to bring over the blue rocking dog as well.  In addition there will be a balloon artiste making animals for the kids.  I think we are good on entertainment and no one will run away saying they were terribly bored.  There will also be plenty of color coordinated red and turquoise treats!  I think that I look forward to her party more than anyone.