Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2nd Birthday Part 1 of 4,500

I am eating chocolate cake as I write this post.  If anyone ever questions the meaning of my blog, there is none.  I just really like chocolate cake. Not German chocolate, not chocolate with raspberries, not fudge chocolate, just chocolate preferably with no layers in between. 

While we are on the subject of cake, I have planned LO's birthday in my mind.  I am thinking a Sweet Shoppe theme mixed with Olivia the Pig theme.  If you follow me on Pinterest and I am mixed on whether you should or shouldn't, you have been seeing some b-day ideas popping up.  I am using some ideas from this first birthday party.
I know the Sweet Shoppe idea has been beat to death but I plan to do it BETTER.  Olivia's colors are red and white with black but I am going to nix the black and go red, pink and white candy and red boas.  I'm not a boa lover but it is pretty crucial for Olivia.  I am getting a few ideas here.

What I am trying to decide is where to have the PARTY??! I almost wish that we had bought the crack house as it had a huge backyard.  Also, if we should bring a small pig to said party? Potbelly pig, cute or confusing to the kids?  Lastly, LO picked out the below dress which doesn't coordinate at all but she ran up to the dress and yelled "pretty for me, PRETTY." DH tried to persuade her to look at other dresses but she wouldn't budge.

When you ask her how old she will be? She screams, "Twoooooo." I have asked her a billion times.