Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Whack Job Wednesday

I have mentioned that Wednesdays tend to be a bit crazy around these parts but I am never prepared when Wednesday comes around.  The day started at 4:30 AGAIN.  I feel like screaming, "Scream it out biatch," but restrained myself.  I may have muttered something like, "Let her figure it out."  DH got up a little scared and put her back to sleep and I fell asleep with my mouth open all the way almost in a frozen scream face. It was the best hour of sleep that I have gotten in weeks.  I fell asleep so deeply that I do believe the world could have ended around me.   I reluctantly got up when DH couldn't take anymore and a baby was on my pillow.  She tried out a few positions and then opted for her own bed.  I was woken after 15 minutes to "Up Mama, UP MAMA" and I could see her swinging a leg over the crib and the light on in her room over the monitor.  Some more curses may have been uttered and then we were all up like one big sleep deprived family.  A promise may have been made about never engaging in unprotected marital relations and we were into morning routines. 

I have no idea if the reflux is related to the early mornings or the cold but I am ready to sleep train again.  Unfortunately today marks day one of weaning off of LO's second set of medications.  This next round involves three, 5 day sessions.  So in 15 days we could be med free or scheduling our hospital tests--Yeah! So in 20 days, I will be sleep training her AGAIN either way.  I also see a crib tent in our future. 

I was running late which is peculiar given that I could start getting ready before dawn and ran into Maria who was rapid fire spewing slang Spanish and dancing at LO as she walked through the door.  While it may seem like a plus, to be raising her bilingual, I am not sure that this version of Spanish will be that helpful.  I have no doubt that her dancing will be multi-cultural.

LO gave me her cold which has been bringing me down about the big bday this weekend.  I am feeling a bit old and not pretty.  I have not been helping the situation as I cut a small hole in my hair while cutting out my gray hairs and part of my eyebrow was waxed off when I tried a drop in wax place.  I also gave in this weekend and let LO watch the Backyardigans on the iPad.  I just wanted to sleep a bit but the nanny CALLED ME OUT.  I was looking for Olivia something on the computer for her to watch and she found my search.  For the love of all that is holy, it was 20 minutes!! I could definitely see how technology is a slippery slope and parents could become addicted.  I have been avoiding the television as of late and trying to read more.  I am back into the library groove to go along with my new save money/buy a house plan.  I really enjoy reading the book reviews here and here and I fill up my library queue with some of these suggestions.

State of Wonder by Ann Patchett
Dr. Marina Singh, a research scientist with a Minnesota pharmaceutical company, is sent to Brazil to track down her former mentor, Dr. Annick Swenson, who seems to have all but disappeared in the Amazon while working on what is destined to be an extremely valuable new drug, the development of which has already cost the company a fortune.   I liked the book more than Bel Canto but less than the Magician's Assistant.  I thought it was an interesting and worthwhile read.  The relationship between the main character, Marina and her boss/lover was odd/not fully developed? It put a damper on the book or it went over my head.

Please Ignore Vera Dietz
This was my first attempt at YA since the Twilight series.  I am embarrassed to admit that I thought blogs were referring to the YA YA sister books for a LONG time before I figured out the genre young adult.  I like YA as I assume that the murder and horribleness doesn't need to go into every little gory detail but this book still dealt with some shite.  I liked the book but the ending left me wondering if there should have been a little more of a wrap-up. 

You Don't Look Like Anyone I Know
I was excited to read this memoir as the writer has face blindness LIKE ME.  She doesn't figure it out until her late 30s even though she doesn't even recognize her HUSBAND.   Thankfully, I recognize DH and the condition is not debilitating for me.  Her mother has paranoid schizophrenia and her father is a raging alcoholic.  At first, I wanted to scream at her that she was delusional because she doesn't recognize her parents for who they are as in CRAZY.  Then I let up on her a bit and realized that you wouldn't know any better if that is how you grew up.  I read it but wouldn't recommend it too highly.

Everyone up in my business as I make a
feeble attempt to sleep for five seconds.