Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Weaning Week 1

This post is going to be one of my very boring chronicles of life with a toddler with acid reflux for my own records.  To sum it up--it sucks.  We are currently weaning LO off of the evening medications in an attempt to pronounce her healed and not do testing.  In a fun turn of events, we have also stopped all dairy to see if her face rash will continue to stay away.  We stopped the steroid cream two days ago and her face has been doing alright.  The no dairy has helped her in the pooping department--sweet!

At first, I didn't stop all dairy and I was noticing gas and gulping but that has subsided since we stopped.  The only issue seems to be the cold that she has developed which can sometimes worsen symptoms or be caused from the reflux.  A little game of chicken or egg, just for fun.  Are the cold symptoms from the acid reflux or is it the fake fruit that licked at the museum on Saturday?  She has been getting up very early as she can't breathe.  I also think that she is starving as she is taking in less calories with no milk. I am trying everything to get more protein in here.  My pediatrician wants us to try soy milk but I want to wait until we are done with the weaning so that an allergic reaction doesn't interfere and get interpreted as reflux.

She has been somewhat open to drinking carrot juice and eating chicken but I feel bad for the french fry and ice cream eating little one.   I know that the testing will be terrible but necessary so I am trying to stay open minded to either outcome of our month long experiment.  Tonight is our last night of the reduced nighttime meds and then a week off of all night meds.  Don't worry, I will keep you posted on our month long wean.