Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Vacation Saga

You know how I was going to the South of France with Kim K circa 06, I'm not.

Then I was going on a Caribbean cruise, I'm not.

DH's sister is getting married in their hometown of BFE on a Wednesday.  I only have so many vacation days and a limited amount of travel funds with our save for a new house plan.  SO the new plan was to rent a house in Cape Cod the week before the wedding except every single house looks like your grandma threw up in it.  Can we all get together and say that we will not decorate our rentals in Aztec and chintz patterns with excessive green linoleum? You are thinking, what does it matter you will be outside all day.  I am thinking that my obsessive, "Things are lurking in that pattern of crazy," will make me feel itchy and like teeth will be in the bed.  Have I mentioned that we were at a rental style house and there were TEETH on the dresser.  Not dentures, random rotting teeth with roots.  This was a good FIVE years ago and I am still NOT over it.  I am aiming low-key and easy for our vacation but not teeth low.