Wednesday, January 25, 2012

V-day Countdown

Do you remember Valentine's Day as a kid?  Popping out the cheap paper cards and the little envelopes and the super cheap Valentine's that didn't even have an envelope.  I mean those were at the bottom of the pile in terms of Valentine's Day cards unless the cheap non-envelope one was from your super BFF and then it was great.  Always the small anxiety that you wouldn't get any? The only worse event was the carnation fundraiser in high school where they delivered the flowers to your homeroom  and being mortified when you didn't receive ANY! None, zero, zilch cheap carnations.  Ok, I am getting off subject as V-day is around the corner and I will be providing DH with a list of expected items for V-day, such as a romantic card with no unflattering pictures of myself (see b-day card).   I have been physically restraining myself from ordering a chair backer for LO's valentines as she doesn't go to school and probably won't receive many valentines. Hint, Hint DH.

So when Tiny Prints emailed me about their Valentine's Day cards, I was beside myself.  First, has the bar really been raised that HIGH?! Second, how is LO supposed to receive any UNLESS she sends out cards immediately! So I picked my favorite from the same set of photos that I have been using from last Fall that my family and friends may or may not be sick of seeing.  In my rush to be totally artsy, does it look like she has ummmm boogies? Therefore necessitating that I throw a sepia tint on the card?

These are the important decisions that we should be discussing at work or when you are caring for your children.  Please weigh in as I don't want to send out a card that will scar my child for life.  Also, I tried doing a little creative "editing" and I am just not that talented.  Check out the cute cards and consider sending one to me LO.

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*Tiny Prints compensated me for this post but all of the awesome ideas and opinions are entirely from yours truly.