Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Toy Review

Hiyo, I am also reviewing some toys as the NUMBER ONE thing you are thinking about is buying more junk for your kids.  LO received a lot of great gifts, which Mommy and Daddy didn't buy her, as she pretty much thought our gifts sucked.  I have only listed a few gifts below.

Feelings Flashcards are so awesome and she likes them.  My only gripe is that there is no "frustrated" card.  Not all of them are relevant right now but I really dig them. 
The castle turned out to be a big hit.  Although, there was a lot of insisting that I sit inside the castle which I didn't find conducive to my wine and cookie scarfing.

I hate to put another flashcard set on here as I am not really a fan of flashcards used in a traditional quiz the child way but I really like the animals on this set.  They are big cards and fun to look at.  Um, she doesn't really love these but I like them a lot.  This was a mommy and daddy gift.

Another favorite for toys was this big blue dog which she puts away when she is done using it, so I can't really complain about its size.

Lastly, we bought her this bottle, paci, bib set for dolls at FAO in NYC and she is very good about feeding her baby and dolls.  She has to give the bottle a swig every time just to make sure that none of the good stuff is coming out of the bottle and I ditched the small paci as she was using it.

Things that were not received that she would have liked but I am not buying.

She freaks out every time she sees this car.   Why is this car so appealing to all small people??

This pram was at FAO Schwartz and she walked it around the store and screamed bloody murder when we took it away.  I plan to buy her some sort of baby stroller for her birthday but this one is a bit much.