Monday, January 30, 2012

On Vacation

When the going gets tough, the tough should go on vacation or plan a vacation or dream about a vacation or talk about vacation or blog about vacation.  I start to get real crazy unless ALL of my vacation days have a SPECIAL purpose.  So I have been searching for the perfect spot in Cape Cod for this summer and I think that I have found it.  The front looks like this.
I die.  This beauty is no dog on the inside like most pretty girls.
I feel like the finding teeth probability is going to be really low.  So we will be going to John's hometown in NY and then flying to Boston to stay in a house NICER than my home for a week.  I am getting pretty excited.  

Also in three weeks, I will be here.
That leaves the end of year open for a small trip.  Of course if someone would hurry up and get engaged and then plan their Caribbean wedding, that Winter 2013 trip may be planned.  No pressure.

And we are doing a mini trip in April with some resident experts on relaxation here.  I'm really hoping that they have people laying by the pool holding that pose.
I will also be HERE in November as I finally signed up for the Blathering.

Hmmmmmm, I am thinking Tahoe for Thanksgiving or a trip over Labor Day.  I don't know about you but I am feeling MUCH better.   What are your favorite places to visit?  What am I missing for future trips? Will we kill each other in a house alone for a week?