Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Old People Heart Little People, No?

I was feeling a bit gripey yesterday with the five day work week and starting a DIET but it is a three day weekend!! I have never worked for a company that observed MLK day and I am super excited.  I also booked a trip to Carmel with my oldest bestie to celebrate our birthdays over President's Day weekend.  I am going to take an additional two days off and we are going to hang and eat and wear sweats.  So my gripey grumbling has dissipated. 

The weekend was a bit of a bummer as DH left for Denver and ended up having trouble with his eye again.  So he was miserable and in a lot of pain and I was alone feeling a bit sad. I usually don't mind when DH is traveling but I was out of sorts.  I went to a birthday dinner for Grandpa Irvs' friend on Saturday night and saw my cousins which was fun and then to Costco with Gpa on Sunday. 

Grandpa Irv was not that impressed with LO's behavior at dinner on Sunday night.   He said that she was acting like a two year old and there was a lot of grumbling from him about her refusal to sit in her seat.  I took his comments wayyyyyy too personally.  She is a really well behaved toddler most of the time and she wasn't acting out but she is a toddler who can talk.  At least he didn't hear her tell some of the residents that she had pooped.  My dad always told me that kids are awesome until they start talking.   I think the talking is helpful and she has such a sweet voice but I may be a bit biased.  I realize that he was not insinuating that I am a terrible parent that can't control my child but hot damn, that is how I felt.  I heard one of the other diners say that she was loud but half of the people can't hear and talk loudly too.  I thought old people loved children?!?!