Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New York, New York

We survived the traveling holidays and only pissed off  a few EMOs on the plane.  Upstate New York was not that bad as I found a little corner next to a space heater and read many a books.  My MIL baked a crazy number of cookies which I took as my personal job to eat.  I kept trying to find something for us all to DO but beyond hitting the local Walmart there was NOTHING so I ate and read.  

DH's family did their thing and I feel after being together nine years, I am past the point of trying to impress.  I bore a child and all attention should be focused on said child and DH.  I am an "in-law" who has given a child and therefore given the pass to eat, read and drink in peace while eating my weight in cookies.  LO got a 10 hour stomach flu on Christmas Eve night which really just sucked.  She vomited every 20 minutes for 10 hours so DH and I just walked around looking like zombies. Then we all passed out for 12 hours straight in a full bed and woke up like new people.  She passed on her stomach bug to a few other family members but not DH and I--hahahaha suckers!  No, I do feel bad about that one but not like horrible.

Then we hit Manhattan and I got that itchy I have MAPPED OUT everything and we need to leave this instant for the FUN to begin.  We had a great time in the city and did a lot of fun stuff uptown and downtown. LO was not big on Manhattan and had a few breakdowns concerning the number of people in her close proximity and the cold.  We broke down and bribed her with a paci for all of the outside walking.
She did enjoy the Top of the Rock tour and eating at the Plaza Hotel.  She gave a quick, wild, loud run across the lobby at the Plaza just for good Eloise type fun.

She also enjoyed the bathtub at the hotel.

 Lastly, in picture documentation, I just couldn't resist.
Overall, it was a great holiday and I am really glad that we added in the trip to Manhattan. We came back a few days early for a baby new year's eve party and some general park and relaxation.  I am ever so thankful for the nice weather in So CA.  Today is my first day back at work and LO was overjoyed to see her nanny and I was not sad to go to the office.  I feel refreshed and ready to book the next vacation.  The time change going east is awesome so maybe a house on the eastern shore in the Summer? Is that what it is called? Any suggestions on places?