Thursday, January 19, 2012

Heard on the Streets

A collection of things that I have heard in the past week.

While dining at Grandpa Irv's residence

Old person: "Are you the mother of this child?"

Me: "Yes"

Old person: "I knew it! My whole table thought you and your husband were the grandparents."

LO at dinner

LO: "Mama, Ella and Gigi(the nanny)"

DH: "Who am I?"

LO: "You"

While buying diapers on my lunch break

Cashier: "Looks like your little one is keeping you up.  I remember those days, how old is she?"

Me: "Almost two"

Cashier: "Oh"

At work in an adjoining office

Officemate to 1-800 call center person:  "LISTEN YOUNG LADY"

My dad in a birthday email

"I can't believe my my little girl is a mother and not getting any younger."